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The Raw Footage Podcast is a film review show hosted by Colin Gazeley from Bath, England, where as soon as I come out of the cinema I record my raw, unedited thoughts about the film I've just seen. I then release these reviews in podcast form with only minor edits for clarity and excess background noise.

The basic philosophy of this show is that the initial impression you get of a film is often the most accurate one.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Raw Footage Best Films Of 2014

1. Her

Directed & Written by Spike Jonze

2. Boyhood

Directed & Written by Richard Linklater

3. 12 Years A Slave

Directed by Steve McQueen
Written by John Ridley

4. The Lego Movie

Directed & Written by Phil Lord & Christopher Miller

5. Life Itself

Directed by Steve James

6. Two Days, One Night

Directed & Written by Jean-Pierre Dardenne & Luc Dardenne

7. Concussion

Directed & Written by Stacie Passon


8. Calvary

Directed & Written by John Michael McDonagh

9. Live Die Repeat: Edge Of Tomorrow

Directed by Doug Liman
Written by Christopher McQuarrie, Jez Butterworth & John-Henry Butterworth

10. Obvious Child

Directed & Written by Gillian Robespierre

Honourable Mentions:
All Is Lost
Dallas Buyers Club
Guardians Of The Galaxy


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