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The Raw Footage Podcast is a film review show hosted by Colin Gazeley from Bath, England, where as soon as I come out of the cinema I record my raw, unedited thoughts about the film I've just seen. I then release these reviews in podcast form with only minor edits for clarity and excess background noise.

The basic philosophy of this show is that the initial impression you get of a film is often the most accurate one.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Raw Footage 2013 Foreign Language Oscar Review - Part 2: Rest of World

Afghanistan: The Patience Stone [My Nominee]
Argentina: Clandestine Childhood
Australia: Lore
Azerbaijan: Buta
Bangladesh: Pleasure Boy Komola
Brazil: The Clown
China: Caught In The Web
Colombia: The Snitch Cartel
Hong Kong: Life Without Principle
India: Barfi!
Indonesia: The Dancer
Iran: A Cube Of Sugar
Kazakhstan: Myn Bala: Warriors Of The Steppe
Kenya: Nairobi Half Life
Malaysia: Bunohan
Mexico: After Lucia
Palestine: When I Saw You
Peru: The Bad Intentions
Singapore: Already Famous
South Korea: Pieta
Taiwan: Touch Of The Light
Thailand: Headshot
Venezuela: Rock, Paper, Scissors [Honourable Mention]


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