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The Raw Footage Podcast is a film review show hosted by Colin Gazeley from Bath, England.

Originally as soon as I came out of the cinema I recorded my raw, unedited thoughts about the film I've just seen, then released these reviews in podcast form.

Over the years this morphed into a more traditional weekly(ish) film review podcast with occasional special episodes called 4Plays where I recount my most recommended films from a particular month. I also have my own 'Oscars' and a Top 10 show at the end of the year.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Raw Footage 010 - Enhanced

Hugo & Another Earth

Raw Footage 010 - Hugo & Another Earth

AMBER SPOILERS for Hugo between 17:11-19:13 & 22:50-24:33
GREEN SPOILERS for Another Earth between 38:36-39:13
RED SPOILERS for Another Earth from 45:44

Reviews in this episode:


Another Earth
As discussed in the episode, this trailer gives away a slight spoiler towards the end.

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